Here are the design services I offer. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or require a quote.

Business Card Design $50
Business Collateral Package
Business card, letterhead
& envelope design
Newspaper/Magazine Ads  
Up to quarter page size $90
3/8 to full page size $120
Two-page spread $160
Postcard/Flyer (up to 8.5" x 11") $120
8.5" x 11" (flat size*) $120
8.5" x 14" (flat size*) $190
11" x 17" (flat size*) $290
25.5" x 11" (8.5" x 11" tri-fold) $390
Booklets/Small Catalog (5.5" x 8.5")**  
8 pages $400
16 pages $760
20 pages $880
Magazines/Large Catalog (8.5" x 11") Request Quote
Web Banner Ads  
Static $50
Rotate $100
Logos $200

*Please indicate how the brochure is to be folded and if it will be a self-mailer.
**Listed prices do not include complex charts, stock photos, multiple small photos (e.g., club members or real estate guide), photo illustrations and/or silhouettes (a.k.a. "cut-outs" or "cut-arounds"). Additional charges may apply.

Additional Charges

Clients receive three (3) proofs for each piece designed. If additional proofs are required a charge of $5/proof will be applied, excepting proofs required because of typos/factual errors.

Clients are expected to provide necessary text and images for their pieces. I can provide stock art if neccessary, starting at $60 per image.


A deposit is required before work will begin on your project.

  • Level 1 is $30, for jobs totaling up to $100
  • Level 2 is $75 for jobs totaling $101-$300
  • Level 3 is $125 for jobs totalling $301+
No exceptions. This deposit will be applied to your invoice total.

You will be invoiced upon completion of your project. Unless other arrangements have been made, your artwork will not be released until the final invoice is paid.

Clients are responsible for their own proofreading. Money will not be refunded if errors are caught after printing.

Not responsible for the quality of images supplied by client. If poor quality images are supplied, they will reproduce poorly. Please go to my Tips page for more information about photo resolution and purchasing stock images.